• Identification of objectives and desired outcomes
  • Evaluation frameworks and assessment tools
  • Community engagement and consultation
  • Strategic Direction
  • Knowledge mobilization

We undertake program evaluation in collaboration with you, designing evaluation frameworks and assessment tools that best fit your objectives. We think that the most useful research and evaluation results are reflective of active and ongoing conversations with you and, as appropriate, your stakeholders. When we develop assessment tools, we aim to do so in a way that best speaks to the population(s) you serve. Evaluation practices and methods need to be flexible and adaptive and thus we employ a mixed methods approach to generate information that is meaningful and actionable.

Community engagement involves building relationships with relevant stakeholders and organizations and ensuring that community members are active participants in the consultation and decision-making processes. Community engagement strategies can take multiple forms, from focus groups, town halls, surveys, social media exchanges, and informal conversations, but ultimately end with the inclusion of community members and stakeholders.

Based on the data we collect, we will help organizations develop a strategic plan or set of priorities in order to action the results of our work.

Knowledge mobilization that is effective and valuable must be accessible for multiple and diverse stakeholders, including both expert and non-expert audiences. We combine a range of approaches that express research findings as technical reports as well as in additional formats that are meaningful to you, including as research summaries, fact sheets, graphics, photographs, commentaries, and social media postings.